Welcome to Week 1 (And How This Works)!


Greetings, and welcome to the very beginning of the Metamorphosis Program! The next four weeks are going to be a powerful journey of learning, testing, and evolving.

You are going to make your body stronger, build your courage and discipline, and feel better... every day. You are also going to eat very, very well!

I want you to know that you'll have plenty of support along the way from me and the rest of the community, and that if you ever have any questions, just ask!

How This Works

This is a four-week course designed to be completed daily. Every day as you progress further into the program you will unlock the following days' training, tutorials, articles, videos, recipes, and more.

You have four main components (I call them the Four Pillars) to complete every day which are all fairly simple and easy to understand. Each of these components practiced on its own for four weeks has the power to change your life.

But the synergy of all four practiced together is absolutely transformative!

The challenge, of course, is doing them daily, but that is why I'm giving you a dose of motivation every day, from some of the greatest minds in history.

These short, daily lessons are meant to inspire your day and training, and keep you on the path to balancing the way you think, eat, and move.

I've put a lot of love into this course in hopes of conveying as much of a personal training experience as possible, while giving you the tools necessary to become a master of yourself.

If you want to see demonstrable changes over the 4 weeks, take some full-body photos in a swimsuit from the front, back, and each side starting today and every week after. You will be glad to have these later!

Thanks again for embarking on this journey with me, and I wish you the utmost success in your endeavors!

Let's get started!


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